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Coming in for an evaluation and/or substance abuse therapy isn’t easy. But you have taken the first step in scheduling an appointment. Substance Abuse Evaluations may be scheduled due to court order, OWI (Operating While Intoxciated) or Possession of a Controlled Substance, Public Intoxication or family concerns. Individual therapy may include basic education, relapse prevention and/or family concerns.

A Substance Abuse Evaluation lasts for approximately one hour. Time is spent gathering a social history. Assessments may include testing and recommendations. If it is determined that treatment is needed, a referral will be discussed for an area agency.  

Substance use concerns may be addressed in an individual session. If you are in need of a group for your recovery needs, please contact either Horizons or Pathways.

Evaluations for an Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) or Possession charge is $125.00

Evaluations regarding you/family concerns or other court requests is $175.00

Evaluations for out of state alcohol/substance assessments is $175.00

Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Evaluations, may referred by your employer or you. The evaluation meets the requirements established by the Department of Transportation. Appointments may be scheduled in this office. The cost of the evaluation is $575.00. For further information please contact the office.  

Payment for the evaluation must be made at the time of the scheduled appointment. Payment can be made in cash or check. However, information is not released until the evaluation is deemed paid in full.