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**Adolescent Counseling is available for pre-teen/teen ages (10-18). This is a time for change in a child/teen’s life. Your child/teen may be facing a lot of issues that affect their self esteem or family relationships. I can help with behavioral disorders, communication, self esteem, mood disorders, sexual abuse/perpetration issues and any other issue a child/teen may face. The family is a large component of the child/adolescents' success.

**Individual Counseling
is offered to address mood disorders, self esteem, relationships, communication, etc. Through a therapeutic relationship, individuals may explore their life issues and gain a better understanding of tools needed to make personal changes.

**Couple Counseling
can be accessed to address the many problems (anger, separation, infidelity, etc) couples may face in their relationships. Couples can work toward improving their communication, conflict resolution and relationship issues in order to increase satisfaction in their relationship.

**Family Counseling is a way for the family to reconnect with each other during a time of stress. Time is spent working on communication, behavioral issues and rebuilding relationships

**Group Therapy is a valuable opportunity to meet with other individuals dealing with the same issue. Many topics are covered and can provide a great resource.

**I do not provide medical services, prescribe medications or provide testing for psychological evaluations. I may refer you to other consultants for testing or for a medical doctor for an assessment. I do not testify in child custody cases.