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You may be experiencing any number of symptoms (sadness, anger, depression, anxiety, etc). These symptoms can contribute to your emotional pain and impact your self esteem and relationship issues. But you don’t have to go it alone, personal therapy can provide you an opportunity to explore and learn about yourself within a confidential professional relationship.

Holly Helm, MA, LISW, IADC subscribes to various therapeutic techniques which may include cognitive behavioral/solution focused therapy with a strengths based perspective. These types of therapies are effective in the treatment of depression, anxiety and other mood disorders.


Psycho-social therapy is a voluntary process to help you explore your areas of concern and evaluate what changes you would like to make. Therapy requires hard work and you may experience painful feelings. However, in a nurturing and safe environment, talk therapy may give you the tools and responsibility for your own recovery. With an open and honest commitment to change, you can gain valuable insight into your personal growth. A plan will be developed to best to meet your personal goals.

As an assuarnce to you, Helm Counseling believes in:

** Providing counseling services without discrimination.
** Delivering appropriate treatment modalities to best fit your needs.
** Working with you to create a treatment plan for your identified your goals.
** Working with your psychiatrist or physician as needed.
** Providing recommendations and referrals to area agencies as needed.
** Providing confidential sessions.